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PAPYRUS by Wemade is the World’s First Token Gating Messenger App

Leading Korea-based blockchain company Wemade launched – PAPYRUS –  the world’s first token gating messenger app.

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Connecting the mega-ecosystem

PAPYRUS is a token-based communication platform that enables users to connect their WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, or METAMASK, and the tokens stored within that they own from across the WEMIX ecosystem. These include tokens earned in-game (DRACO, MIR4, DRONE, DOGMA), NFTs (CITY OF NILE), fan tokens (MYRTLE), community tokens, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and more. The networks currently supported are WEMIX3.0 and Play Chain, supporting more than 40 different tokens and NFTs that cover a wide range of interests and topics in an interlinked web of communities spanning the entire WEMIX mega-ecosystem.

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Creating token gated communities

PAPYRUS promotes trust between holders in the community by transparently disclosing holders’ asset information. For example, each user profile will display information including member’s nickname, type of wallets and assets held, although actual details about the holdings can be set to private.

Information about the tokens and NFTs stored in linked wallets is constantly synchronized with PAPYRUS, which will then suggest channels and communities for holders to join based on this information, including recommendations for official channels as well as gated, private channels. Holders and users will be able to immediately join open channels once selected without the need for registration.

PAPYRUS also offers token and NFT holders the opportunity to create dedicated and unique communities, or even curate experiences catering to people who share certain interests by creating and managing their own channels. You can set the topic of the channel you want to operate based on the tokens or NFTs you hold in your wallet, and you can set the entry requirements for others who want to join. With support for up to 11 languages, PAPYRUS has been designed to offer smooth communications for its global communities.

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