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Timeless Debuts the World’s First web3 Social Wallet

Timeless is officially announcing the launch of the first social wallet designed for web3 builders and crypto-curious alike.

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After spending nearly a year building and testing behind closed doors, all while garnering thousands of users on its waitlist, the beta app for the Timeless Wallet is now finally open to the public and available for download on the App Store.


Founded by a former Google Chrome & Android Design Lead and the co-editor of the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy, the Silicon Valley-based company is excited to bring their vision to life and into the hands of the users.

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“Our prime directive is to accelerate web3 adoption by designing a user experience that is inherently centered around social utility. Our core belief is that, in order for the promise of web3 to begin unfolding, self-custodial wallets need to be simple, secure, and social. They should pass the ‘toothbrush test’ – they need to become an essential tool anyone can have access to and use multiple times a day.” said Zi Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Timeless.

To date, well over 81 million users have already adopted self-custodial wallets as their gateway into web3. Yet, widespread adoption and, most importantly, meaningful usage still feel like some sort of distant dream.

With the Timeless Wallet, users no longer have to struggle with the technical complexities of traditional crypto wallets, which are often too daunting for everyday use. As a thin-platform for fat protocols, Timeless Wallet seamlessly integrates with DeFi protocols and DApps, so it is faster and easier to manage digital assets on the go. No more complicated crypto primitives that are encoded for machines. Timeless Wallet is a familiar place where you can escape from anxiety-inducing crypto chaos.

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On Timeless, users can create a wallet in literally seconds without the fear of losing their private key, choose and own their username, design their very own 3D avatar, and discover communities of like-minded individuals to exchange and interact with – on a daily basis.

In the words of the Timeless CEO Zi Wang, “The promise of web3 is deeply rooted in the power of community. Yet it has been such a lonely and unsettling experience for so many around the world. It doesn’t need to be. As a matter of fact, it cannot be. We’re here to change that, and we are so excited to start this journey together with our users. It’s time for web3 to go social”.

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