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Lee Mullican Artworks Resurrected on Tezos

Innovative Tezos-based NFT art platform, Feral File, has unearthed a series of digital masterpieces by the late, great Lee Mullican for an exclusive art collection.

The emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs has ignited a newfound fascination with digital art. Thanks to NFT marketplaces, digital artists now have the opportunity to showcase their creative works and earn compensation for their efforts. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Before the advent of digital art and the necessary infrastructure to design and monetize it, artists like Lee Mullican were pioneers in paving the way for today’s digital artists. Mullican’s early experiments with computer-based art resulted in the creation of numerous masterpieces.

Mullican passed away in 1998, however, his amazing creations have been digitally resurrected and given a new lease of life on the Tezos Blockchain. A fitting tribute to an artist that pioneered in the early days of computer created art.

Feral File Tokenizes Lee Mullican’s Digital Work

To achieve this, Feral File tokenized and released his digital artworks as NFTs, dubbed LeeMullican.PCX. The collection features 12 digital pieces that were created by the artist in 1987, using tools such as an IBM 5170 computer, a paintbrush app, and saved on floppy discs.

The artwork was minted on the Tezos network and includes an original PCX file as well as a scan of the 35mm photo slide that displays each artwork on the artist’s computer screen. Mullican’s estate has collaborated with Feral File to control the collection.

The collection was offered to the public in a bundle of 20 editions for $2,400 per bundle, and any unsold pieces were made available for purchase at $200 each. However, those who missed out can still acquire these pieces on secondary marketplaces like objkt, where the floor price currently sits at 700 $XTZ.

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