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House of Toys: Crypto Dreams’ NFT Vision

Essex-based Web3 design studio, Crypto Dreams, is gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of its latest NFT collection, House of Toys. On 12th April 2023, the team will debut 5000 intricate digital collectibles designed to transport holders back to simpler times, tug at the heartstrings, and evoke a deep feeling of nostalgia. 

The House of Toys collection takes its inspiration from an eclectic mix of popular characters from various genres, paying homage to celebrities, movie characters, superheroes, villains, and more. Through the project, collectors will discover fine art based on popular characters such as Batman, Superman, John Wick, and the notorious Deadpool in order to offer something for everyone. While they will also find a healthy dose of seal themed artistry, as a quiet nod to Crypto Dreams early pioneering work in the NFT space. 

Each NFT in the collection is a carefully constructed digital artwork that initially uses Crypto Dreams in house AI program to generate objects and scenery for each image. The artist then uses image editing software to transform these generated objects and scenes into art masterpieces. By adding intricate details, texture, and depth to each toy, the artist creates a realistic and detailed appearance unmatched in the NFT world.

How to Mint a Toy NFT?

All in all, Crypto Dreams will launch a grand total of 5000 House of Toys NFTs on April 12, 2023, each available for the ultra-low price of just £1 ($1.23), payable in $ETH. So, to get a piece of the action, collectors and art enthusiasts can head tot he official House of Toys website on mint day, connect up an Ethereum wallet, and secure a piece of Crypto Dreams history. Once completely sold out, items will then be available on the secondary market via the OpenSea platform.

Head to the mint page >> Here

Owning an NFT will open up holders to a breathtaking community of like-minded individuals. As such, Crypto Dreams has developed a conduit for holders to engage in discussions about the collection, as well wider topics that influence its members. In addition, members of the community will also gain the right to participate in games, contests and giveaways.

Built by Veterans of the NFT Industry

The creative minds behind Crypto Dreams are Jamie and Tony, talented and experienced crypto artists from the United Kingdom. Their creations are visually stunning, thought-provoking, inspiring, and captivating. Crypto Dreams sets itself apart from other artists by creating beautiful artwork and innovative and visually stunning 3D animated videos that showcase the full potential of their creations. These videos bring the NFT art to life, offering collectors an immersive and unforgettable experience.

The launch of the House of Toys collection represents a new chapter in the Crypto Dreams world. With its unique characters, one-of-a-kind traits, and sense of community, it is poised to become a pivotal collection in the NFT space. So, take advantage of the House of Toys collection launch on 12th April 2023, and participate in this exciting new chapter in crypto art.

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