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4 Million Wallets, Wrapped BTC, and Game-Changing Partnerships in March 2023

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  • Cardano reaches 4 million wallets and 8 million native tokens in March 2023.
  • New partnerships and developments include Virtua Metaverse, wrapped BTC, and blockchain education expansion.

In March 2023, the Cardano ecosystem experienced substantial growth and notable advancements. From achieving the milestone of 4 million wallets and 8 million native tokens to forging new partnerships, the month was filled with exciting developments.

Virtua Metaverse and Wrapped BTC Virtua Metaverse rolled out its 1.5 release, enabling Public Cribs & Condos to become a live marketplace for NFTs with direct links to jpgstoreNFT and Virtua.com. Additionally, Cardano reached a significant milestone by launching its first wrapped BTC on the Cardano Network.

Educational and Business Collaborations

Emurgo Africa joined forces with Kepple Africa Ventures and signed an MOU with Pan-Atlantic University to advance blockchain education and research in Nigeria and beyond. EMURGO Kepple Ventures also announced an investment in Nigerian fantasy sports company, FanBants.

Partnerships and Updates

Emurgo.io announced a partnership with Bitkub Official and Bitkub Academy, a digital asset education hub. The DApp connector became available on the lace.io 0.6.0 release on Preprod, while Input Output HK released node version 1.35.6 for the mainnet, delivering Dynamic P2P functionality to the Cardano node for increased network resilience.

Upcoming Events and Initiatives

Cardano Summit 2023 is scheduled for November 2-4, 2023, with the main stage in Dubai. CardanoSpot is holding a competition for articles and videos on select topics, with the deadline for submissions on April 10th. They have also partnered with Cointelegraph to bring the latest crypto news to the Cardano community.

Mainnet Compatibility and NFT Collaboration

Hydra Head is now open on the mainnet, with the upcoming 0.10.0 release set to be the first mainnet-compatible version. nmkr.io partnered with UNHCR and TURF to launch a charity NFT collection supporting refugees worldwide. Furthermore, Cardano is now integrated with Ledger Enterprise, and Milkomeda.com (Cardano’s EVM layer) will launch a feature allowing users to access EVM contracts directly from any Cardano wallet.

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