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Delabs CEO Joonmo Kwon on GDC, Polygon & Rumble Racing Star

On April 6, the Delabs Adventure Pass NFT mint took place, and has now sold out. What benefits will this provide to players of Rumble Racing Star and future Delabs web3 games?

Adventure Passes secure early access to Rumble Racing Star, as well as exclusive in-game items and NFT airdrops, a one-season Battle Pass ticket, real-life event invitations, and access to Delabs merchandise. More benefits will be added to Adventure Passes in the future, offering players a gateway to an enhanced experience across all future Delabs’ games.

Speaking of future games, is Delabs currently working on any other web3 titles?

Yes! We have two RPGs lined up: Space Frontier, a survival RPG with amazing graphics and dynamic gameplay; and Metabolts, a beautiful character collection game. All of our games are produced by industry veterans with blockbuster track records.

When can we expect Rumble Racing Star to be available to players around the world?

We’re working around the clock to bring Rumble Racing Star to the world as soon as possible. Those who hold an Adventure Pass will have Early Access, with the official launch scheduled for Q3 2023.

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