Sports Industry Web 3.0 Project, ‘PIXER Eternity’, First S2E launches

PIXER Eternity is the first Sports-to-Earn (S2E) project that can generate revenue from overall sports content from games to metaverse. Users can use NFTs on the PIXER platform to acquire tokens based on aerobic exercise and calorie burn and use them for games and exchanges.

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PXT Token of PIXER Eternity is listed on the global crypto currency exchange named ‘MEXC Global’.

PIXER continues to expand partnerships with global exchanges such as and MEXC, as well as major public chains such as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

It’s raising expectations for future moves.

In particular, it is working with sports partners such as Robin van Persie from Netherlands, the best striker in the EPL (English Premier League), to further boost economic activities in the sports industry.

The PIXER project will stand out in golf sports. It is expected in the Middle East as it plans to realize the metaverse world by combining the token ecosystem with actual offline sports by combining offline golf facilities and PIXER Eternity projects in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sarja, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Starting with the golf industry, it will become an important attempt that can be applied to various sports fields.

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PIXER Team said, “PIXER will be a leader in the sports-based NFT market,” adding, “PIXER’s goal is to create a new economic ecosystem by combining sports-related content and blockchain technology through the combination of sports and blockchain.”

Also, they said, “Our vision is to pursue sustainable management and increase the value of sports with users who pursue healthy and enjoyable lives through sports.”

PIXER’s efforts are evaluated as an important attempt to develop web 3.0 in the blockchain and sports industries. The new possibilities presented by PIXER are expected to induce a healthy lifestyle and have great value in various aspects such as building a fair sports ecosystem, discovering promising players, and an environmental management ecosystem.

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