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Trevor Jones to Auction Physical Bitcoin Angel at The Crypt Gallery | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Celebrated artist Trevor Jones is set to make headlines again with his upcoming live auction of Bitcoin Angel, both physical and digital, at The Crypt Gallery, during The King of Midtowns NFT tour on April 13th, 2023. The auction promises to be a spectacular event, with the chance to bid on one of the most sought-after NFTs on the market, giving the winning bidder both the physical and the digital version of The Bitcoin Angel.

But that’s not all. Trevor Jones is also excited to announce the second annual Castle Party 2023, taking place at the historic Château de Vallery. This three-day, two-night event promises to be an unforgettable experience, with entertainment, games, food, and an open bar included in the price of entry.

Trevor Jones has been at the forefront of the art and technology intersection for over a decade. His experiments with QR code oil paintings and AR paved the way for his more recent foray into the world of NFTs. His crypto-themed AR paintings have been a hit with collectors, and his latest work, Bitcoin Angel, has generated significant buzz in the NFT community.

The Crypt Gallery, where the live auction will take place, is a creative powerhouse that connects the digital art community, curates digital drops, and provides education and advisement for brands, celebrities, and artists as they navigate Web3. The gallery is known for its custom IRL activations and events with large artist and community presence and for bringing together a diverse network of industries under one roof.

Castle Party 2023 promises to be another unmissable event in the charitable and NFT calendar, with the opportunity to celebrate the fusion of 21st-century art and technology in a stunning ancient château. It’s also an opportunity to do more good than you can imagine by supporting Trevor’s fundraising goals.

So mark your calendars for April 13th and get ready to bid on Bitcoin Angel at The Crypt Gallery live auction. And don’t miss your chance to attend Castle Party 2023 at the magnificent Château de Vallery. It’s going to be a party to remember!

Explore The Bitcoin Angel Auction here.

Bitcoin Angel Silent Auction

Start: April 12th 1:00 pm EST

End: April 17th 1:00 pm EST

The Crypt Gallery

The Dream Hotel

355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

About Trevor Jones:

Graduating with an MA Fine Art (Hons) from Edinburgh College of Art Trevor has been working at the intersection of art and technology for over a decade experimenting with QR code oil paintings in 2012 and AR the following year. Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 inspired a new creative direction with the development of crypto themed AR paintings, which in turn soon led him to the fast paced and exciting world of NFTs.

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