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LimeWire’s new game simulates music pirating nostalgia and pays in crypto

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A new game aimed at reviving the nostalgia of pirating music with the added bonus of crypto rewards has been launched by the former peer-to-peer file-sharing platform turned nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace LimeWire.

On April 13, the historic music-downloading platform, wildly popular in the early 2000s was revived and turned to Web3 in the form of a retro music-downloading game themed on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Players need to enter their email addresses to play the browser-based game that prompts them to search for old early 2000s music and movies to download.

The simulation will provide a list of songs or movies from that era for players to choose to “download” within a time limit. Each simulated download that doesn’t contain a simulated “virus” will yield points to the player.

Screenshot from LimeWire’s game Source: LimeWire

The scores are entered onto a leaderboard with the top players eligible to receive a distribution of LimeWire’s upcoming ERC-20 token, LMWR.

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LimeWire was re-launched in mid-2022 as an NFT marketplace with the aim to become a leading creator content marketplace and membership platform.

The original file-sharing platform was shut down in 2010 after a federal copyright infringement court case and the LimeWire NFT marketplace has no connection to the original platform or its team.

Cointelegraph contacted LimeWire for further details but did not receive an immediate response.

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