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Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown, and Vasia prove that they are the true champions in the NFT space, showcasing quality, curation, and trust.

NFT NYC 2023 took place this week, and it was an event for the books. Top artists and collectors from around the world convened at the Dream Hotel downtown for a week of friendship and innovation, celebrating the rapidly evolving world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). During this remarkable event, Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown, and Vasia cemented themselves as the true champions in the NFT space, demonstrating their commitment to quality, curation, and trust.

Last week, The Crypt Gallery hosted an unforgettable event, attracting thousands of artists, fans, and collectors who signed up for both GA and VIP passes. The event did not disappoint, reaching maximum occupancy and standing room only for hours. It was an unforgettable night of networking, partying, and fun, as attendees enjoyed a diverse array of talents and experiences.

The evening kicked off with a live performance by the talented David Bianchi, followed by the beginning of a Poker Tournament hosted by World Champion and professional poker player Jonathan Little. The free-to-enter tournament was supported by Little’s NFT project, Court of Degeneracy, with top winners receiving NFTs from the King of Midtown, The Crypt Gallery, and Jonathan Little.

General Admission began at 8 pm, with RSVP being mandatory for all attendees. During the event, guests had the opportunity to engage in exclusive IRL art drops (LIVE MINTING), NFT raffles, and giveaways. Physical artworks by renowned artists such as Trevor Jones, Violet Jones, Yanis | Ethik Design, and others were on display and available for purchase. Adding to the excitement, the event featured live performances by David Henry Nobody, who recently appeared at Beeple Studio’s Grand Opening, and a live VR show and art creation by JOY (John Orion Young).

The Mad Rabbit Riot Club showed up in full force at the event, proving that they are one of the top communities in the NFT space. While many other projects have floundered and failed, this provocative project continues to thrive and provide exclusive access and opportunities for their holders.

The Crypt Gallery: The World’s First NFT Gallery in the Hospitality Industry

The Crypt Gallery, currently located at Dream Hollywood in Los Angeles and Dream Downtown in New York City, is the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. Open 24/7, the gallery allows guests to experience digital art in an entirely new way. The goal of Crypt Gallery is to create interactive and memorable in-person events and experiences while educating and onboarding a new audience by bridging the gap between digital and physical realms. Referred to as “The People’s Gallery,” Crypt Gallery provides a physical home and new levels of exposure for artists, collectors, communities, and the industry as a whole.

The Importance of In-Real-Life Experiences and Mainstream Exposure

In an increasingly digital world, in-real-life (IRL) experiences have become even more essential for creating meaningful connections and driving engagement. As NFTs gain mainstream attention, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms, making them accessible and relatable to a wider audience. The Crypt Gallery plays a significant role in achieving this by providing an immersive, physical space where people can experience digital art first-hand. This exposure not only educates newcomers about the world of NFTs but also helps them appreciate the concept of provenance and the inherent value of these digital assets. For rising artists, having their NFTs showcased in The Crypt Gallery can be a game-changer, as it offers unparalleled visibility and credibility, boosting their reputation and amplifying their reach in the competitive NFT market.

The Dynamic Duo: Tommy and Vasia


Tommy Polihronopoylos, known as King of Midtown, is the founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery. As an early collector in the NFT space, King of Midtown conceptualized bringing NFTs and the digital marketplace to a mainstream, in-real-life (IRL) location, targeting the hospitality industry. King has established himself as a leader, curator, advisor, community builder, and innovator in the NFT space.

Vasia Makris, Co-founder and COO of The Crypt Gallery, has a background in education and was introduced to NFTs by King of Midtown. With her skills in project management, community building, and web2 and artist advisement, Vasia has taken the lead in executing key initiatives, partnerships, activations, and programs at The Crypt Gallery.

The World’s Top Artists Converge at the Crypt Gallery: The Defacto Home for NFT Creativity

As the world of NFTs continues to expand and evolve, New York City has emerged as a global hub for the most innovative and talented artists in the space. The Crypt Gallery has become the defacto home for these creative minds, providing a platform that celebrates their unique visions and artistic expressions. As the go-to destination for top artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, The Crypt Gallery fosters a sense of community and collaboration, connecting like-minded individuals who share a passion for digital art and technology.

By hosting exclusive events, panel discussions, and interactive experiences, The Crypt Gallery has successfully created an environment that not only showcases the finest NFT artworks but also encourages dialogue and exchange of ideas. With its unparalleled curation, state-of-the-art displays, and commitment to quality, The Crypt Gallery has positioned itself as the epicenter of the NFT art world in New York City, attracting the brightest talents and setting new standards for the industry.

Quality Above All

The Crypt Gallery has set a new standard for the way NFT art is displayed. Unlike many other galleries, which often showcase art with inaccurate aspect ratios, croppings, cords running everywhere, or on stands, Crypt Gallery ensures that its attendees are fully immersed in the art. When you step into a King of Midtown gallery, you’re not looking at art on a TV monitor; you’re experiencing the art itself.

Unrivaled Curation:

One of the key aspects that set Crypt Gallery apart is its dedication to the artists. Showcasing a diverse range of NFTs, from photography to abstract art and everything in between, Crypt Gallery supports artists from all walks of life. The level of curation at Crypt Gallery is consistent and truly second to none, offering a diverse yet harmonious blend of NFTs.

Trust in the NFT Community

In the world of NFTs, trust is paramount. Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown, and Vasia have earned the trust of artists and collectors alike. Attendees know that when they participate in an event hosted by these champions, it’s for the right reasons – not cash grabs or ulterior motives. This week’s event proved that without the King of Midtown, the true culture of NFTs is incomplete.

NFT NYC 2023 was a monumental event that demonstrated the power of quality, curation, and trust in the NFT space. Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown, and Vasia have proven themselves as the true champions, paving the way for the future of NFT events. With their visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and dedication to artists and collectors, the NFT community eagerly awaits what these trailblazers have in store for the future.

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