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CyberBrokers, the innovative media and entertainment company that’s passionate about bringing the metaverse to life, has unveiled an exciting new experience for NFT enthusiasts. Genesis Mechs, a fully-rigged, 3D NFT collection featuring futuristic, humanoid robot designs, are now available on their website. Users can customize their own Mech through a web-based immersive creation process called “Mech Assembly” or purchase pre-assembled Mechs on OpenSea.

“At CyberBrokers, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Josie Bellini, CyberBrokers CEO & Founder.

The technical innovation behind Genesis Mechs is impressive, with CyberBrokers developing a revolutionary framework that allows users to create a fully-rigged, 3D Mech using six different mech parts, 38 “Afterglow” colors, and 50 different styles, resulting in over 17.5 billion possible configurations. This level of customization was made possible through novel code that identifies and labels each Mech part correctly, automates the snapping process of the parts, ensures the parts pivot correctly, and combines all the parts together to create a final Mech that can be minted as an NFT.

The journey to Genesis Mechs and Mech Assembly began with a series of six web-based community puzzle-solving events called “Quests,” held monthly from April to October 2022. Participants collected up to 70,000 mech part NFTs, which they can now use to assemble, customize, and mint their personalized Mechs.

Once a Genesis Mech is assembled, the possibilities are endless. Users can receive fully-rigged, downloadable 3D assets, including GLB and VRM files in a range of resolutions, allowing for animation, 3D printing, XR, and game compatibility. Users can also explore stunning 3D worlds with their Mechs, currently supported on Monaverse (MONA) and MOCA, with upcoming integrations planned in Nifty Island, Webaverse, and more. Ultimately, CyberBrokers will offer Genesis Mech holders future access to a narrative-driven experience where players operate them to complete missions and immerse themselves in adventure.

“We designed Genesis Mech to be future-proof assets, ensuring they’re interoperable and easily integrable to stay relevant in our rapidly evolving metaverse. Genesis Mechs represents a technical and creative breakthrough in 3D modeling and animation in the NFT space, and we’re excited to offer this level of customization and innovation to our community. Our goal is to empower them to explore, create, and connect with each other in the open metaverse. With the Mech Assembly experience, we’re providing a way for people to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.”

To celebrate the launch, CyberBrokers will host a live stream party on April 19th accessible via Twitter and YouTube featuring special guests and the unveiling of a “Genesis Mech Showroom” in the virtual platform Mona. Users can equip themselves as any CyberBrokers Genesis Mech and marvel at their appearance in digital mirrors.

About Cyber Brokers

CyberBrokers is a media and entertainment company focused on bringing the metaverse to life. Founded by Josie Bellini, a leading “OG” crypto artist who left the traditional finance world to create art that celebrates the crypto revolution, CyberBrokers launched its inaugural “CyberBrokers” collection in March 2022, breaking records by becoming the most robust artwork ever stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anyone can unlock epic adventures with CyberBrokers collectibles, which serve as a portal into the world and written story of The Paradigm Lost. Genesis Mech collectibles coming April 2023 will extend the universe to embody a collection of fully rigged, interoperable customizable, and composable 3D assets. Explore the CyberBrokers universe at

CyberBrokers is an innovative media and entertainment company that’s passionate about bringing the metaverse to life. Founder and CEO Josie Bellini, an “OG” crypto artist who left the traditional finance world to create art that celebrates the crypto revolution, leads the company with a mission to leverage the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge content and experiences. CyberBrokers strives to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the metaverse while helping shape its future.

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