Sotheby’s Launches Revamped Glitch Digital Art Sale

One month after Sotheby’s paused its “Glitch-ism” art sale due to creator misrepresentation, the company is set to debut a new auction that addresses past concerns. Dubbed “Glitch: Beyond Binary,” the imminent art sale features digital artwork from artists of “every gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, neuro-type, size, ability, class, religion, culture, political opinion, age, skill level, occupation, and background.”

Sotheby’s initially intended to hold the Natively Digital: Glitch-ism art sale in March. However, the auction was paused after several artists complained that no women had been featured on the roster. Now the new auction, which kicks off on April 19 at 2 p.m. ET, will feature the artwork of two reputable female artists. These include Dina Chang and Dawnia Darkstone, aka Letsglichit. Their digital artworks will be part of the 34 lots of NFTs from various artists that form the “glitch art” movement.

Glitch Art Involves Intentional Use of Digital and Analog Errors

Artists in this realm utilize digital or analog errors to cause disruption to a piece of art, thus achieving a glitch. Sotheby’s defines the process in the following manner: “An MP3 might skip or crackle, a preview window might briefly show shards instead of an image, and a website might hiccup on load and scramble its contents. While these occurrences are rarely anticipated and usually unwelcome, glitch artists may in fact intentionally provoke them.”

The auction house also goes on to note that artists engaged in this genre often employ glitches as a form of “political and identity expression.”

Some of the notable names that participants of this auction can expect to see include XCOPY, Jake Osmun, neurocolor, Dina Chang, Dawnia Darkstone, and many others.

Commenting on what inspired her work that will be displayed during this auction, Darkstone notes, “My selection process was driven by a desire to reveal the multifaceted nature of this genre, emphasizing the intricate links between digital experimentation, philosophical exploration, and the depth of human existence.”

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