Gaz Thomas, Co-Founder at CritterCraft

Immutable and Polygon may have been the big hitters at NFT.NYC this year, but for fans of the WAX blockchain, there’s still plenty to get excited about!

CritterCraft are perhaps best known for Grubfish Royale; their stream game that’s become the tool of choice for giveaways and banter alike. What some may not know is that their Co-Founders have a wealth of video game development experience. Gaz is a BAFTA-winning game designer – and creator of, one of the largest free games websites on the web – and Chaz has developed for icons such as Miniclip, Newgrounds and Kongregate.

We caught up with Gaz at NFT.NYC 2023 to get hands-on with their newest game, Soulvester vs. Lil’ Beezey, plus discover what else is coming up for CritterCraft this year!

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