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NFTasty: Blackbird Serves Up Delicious Rewards with a Side of Blockchain | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Imagine the restaurant NFT, a digital asset often seen as mysterious and pricey, granting its affluent owners special perks like priority reservations at the most sought-after dining spots. But what if everyone could benefit from such an asset?

Introducing Blackbird, an innovative restaurant loyalty program that combines NFTs with VIP experiences. Whether you’re interested in digital assets or just the prospect of free food, Blackbird aims to entice. Launched this month at two New York eateries, with more on the way, this platform comes from Ben Leventhal, the co-founder of Eater and Resy.

Leventhal’s previous success with Resy stemmed from betting on diners’ desire for a better online reservation experience. Now, with Blackbird, he’s wagering that the elusive allure of being a regular can be transformed into a digital asset – the restaurant NFT.

We believe the next great hospitality technology platform should connect restaurants and their customers directly, in meaningful and ongoing ways. We’ll partner with some of the world’s best restaurants to bring these enduring relationships to life and we’ll use cutting edge software to do it.

Blackbird’s mission is to foster meaningful connections between restaurants and their patrons. As a loyalty program, it enables diners to track their visits to participating restaurants, earning rewards for their loyalty. Restaurants can also leverage the platform to gather customer data, fundraise from devoted fans, and more.

To participate, customers simply tap their phones to NFC-enabled stickers located at restaurant entrances and registers. Each tap is a check-in, unlocking rewards usually reserved for regulars, investors, or friends of the owners. Diners can track their progress and rewards through Blackbird’s website and upcoming app via digital punch cards, or NFTs, unique to each restaurant.

Though the concept of checking in at a restaurant is currently uncommon in New York City, prominent restaurateurs are giving Blackbird a chance, largely due to Leventhal’s Resy co-founder status. As the platform continues to grow, the challenge will be maintaining the sense of exclusivity while making special treatment accessible to all.

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