World of Warcraft Veteran Taewon Yun Joins Web3 MMO Worldwide Webb

Debuting in 2020, Worldwide Webb is a free-to-play, browser-based 16-bit Web3 MMO. Currently in early Alpha, the game sees players take part in exciting minigames – including reverse bullet hell experience Rugbusterz, and ranked 2v2 PVP mode Blockbusterz – for honour, glory, and NFT rewards.

Built on Ethereum, the game allows players to utilise their PFPs as their in-game avatars, with custom visuals and animations – pitting Bored Apes against Cool Cats, Deadfellaz against CyberKongz and many more – with hundreds of popular collections supported.

The game raised $10mil in February 2023, thanks to a seed round by Pantera Capital, and has big plans to grow across the rest of this year and beyond, with regional servers, in-game dungeons, a mobile release and much more in the pipelines.

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