Wrangler and Jeremy Booth Launch Web3 Wearables

Western apparel outfit, Wrangler, has teamed up with renowned artist, Jeremy Booth, to launch its latest Web3 wearables. The collaboration also features LTD.INC and Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), both of which will play a role in the yet-to-be launched outfits.

Wrangler is no stranger to phygitals having partnered with LTD.INC in the past to offer physical outfits matched by digital twins. However, this time around, this collaboration between the four parties aims to take Web3 integrations to the next level.

LTD will add an NFC tag to the “Western Art Dept.” denim jacket that will be linked to an NFT. This will serve two purposes: the first is to prove authenticity via blockchain, while the other is for collectors sake.

The denim jacket will also feature a cowboy hat patch on the right shoulder that has been designed by Booth. This patch features an integration courtesy of POAP that allowed the first 300 collectors that met Booth at the recently concluded NFT NFC event to claim an exclusive NFT.

Wrangler Denim Jackets Will Launch In Two Phases

Speaking to the press, Booth reveals that Wrangler reached out to him with the proposition of collaborating some 2-3 months ago. It made sense to him given the company had already tried its hand in Web3, and his work leans on Western art, which is Wrangler’s staple.

Booth goes on to add that this collaboration will take place in two phases. The first was the recent reveal at NFT NYC, where the first 300 fans that met him collected limited edition tokens. The other involves the creation of a limited quantity of Western Art Dept. jackets for the public. The launch details and other specifics, like the price, are yet to be revealed.

Booth expressed his excitement for the collaboration on Twitter, which was met with equal enthusiasm from the Wrangler team. Seam Gormley, the Global Creative Concept Director at Wrangler, praised the artist’s work, highlighting how it brings a “fresh and exciting perspective to Western art in the digital realm.”

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