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Animalia is a free-to-play NFT trading card game that features a collection of crypto-inspired meme creatures, weapons, spells, and gemstones. The game is powered by the BNB Chain and allows players to have complete ownership over their in-game collectibles. The game is divided into two factions, Bulls and Bears, representing the Animalia Kingdom.

Animalia’s mission is to introduce blockchain technology and enable blockchain access to millions of people worldwide through meme-inspired edutainment experiences. The game promotes blockchain literacy, enables blockchain accessibility, and raises public awareness about endangered species.

The gameplay centers around crypto-referenced meme animals and terms. Players collect rare cards, create their unique NFTs, build a custom deck, battle with other players, and trade their cards with other collectors. The Animalia Kingdom is divided into six different Landscapes, each boasting its climate, calamities, and critters. The gameplay is designed to be simple, so new players can easily get into it.

The game mechanics are fast turn-based strategy card games of choices and consequences. Each match is a 1 versus 1 battle between two opponents. Players take turns to play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip mighty weapons, harvest gemstone auras, or summon critters to do battle on their behalf. The objective is to reduce the opponent’s health point to zero before they can do so to the player.

Animalia incorporates depth of strategy and analysis, so it appeals to both casual and competitive gamers. The strategy entails mid-long term visions across Titan safety, deck structure, play sequence, summoned critters, and Shard management. The game contains several game modes to cater to different play styles such as Player versus Environment (PvE), Unranked or Ranked Player versus Player (PvP).

Players can obtain XP by playing games and completing quests. By increasing the XP level, players can unlock in-game rewards. With every additional NFTitan that the player holds, a multiplier will be applied to the amount of XP earned. MMR is a value used in Ranked PvP to determine the skill level of each player. Each Titan class has its MMR value. The system will attempt to match a player with a similar MMR value as soon as they enter the matchmaking queue.

Animalia NFT Details

The Titans of the Tundra Collection is a limited edition of 3,888 NFTs, featuring an intricate design centered around Nanook and Musk. The artwork is inspired by animals that are at risk of extinction, highlighting the need to protect our planet’s biodiversity. The collection also includes numerous Easter eggs, adding to its charm and appeal.

Animalia has received tremendous support from its community, incubated by Seedify, and partnered with notable VCs, Backers, Incubators, and partners within the web3 space such as Binance NFT, Paid Network (Ignition), Exnetwork Capital, and more.

The Animalia Tundra Titans NFT has a Chain of ETH and a supply of 3,888. The mint price is to be announced, offering low entry, and the mint date is also to be announced. Additionally, players can enjoy a range of utilities, including Permanent Closed Beta Access, Playable Digital Asset, Tundra Edition Card Back, Tactical Stamina, and Odler: Freeze To Win.

Join the Animalia community and embark on an adventure with the Titans of the Tundra Collection, showcasing crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones, while highlighting the importance of protecting our planet’s biodiversity.

  • Chain: ETH
  • supply: 3,888
  • NFT: Animalia Tundra Titans
  • Mint Price: TBA (low entry)
  • Mint Date: TBA The Utilities
  • Permanent Closed Beta Access Playable Digital Asset
  • *Tundra Edition Card Back
  • Tactical Stamina

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