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Polygon Labs And Google Cloud: The Dream Team Of Web3 Innovation

Google Cloud GOOG GOOGL has announced a significant partnership with Polygon Labs, a software developer that supports the Polygon MATIC/USD ecosystem of blockchains.

According to a statement released on Thursday, Google Cloud will be adding support for Polygon, a collection of layer-2 blockchains built on top of Ethereum ETH/USD, to its Blockchain Node Engine, which currently supports only Ethereum and Solana.

Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs, expressed his optimism about the collaboration, stating, “Google Cloud supporting all of the Polygon protocols is a step in the right direction to help onboard more people into Web3.”

In addition to this, Google Cloud will create infrastructure to support Polygon zkEVM, a new blockchain within the Polygon ecosystem, and help developers deploy application-specific blockchains using Polygon tech on its servers by the end of Q3.

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Moreover, Google Cloud will provide startups backed by Polygon Ventures with hosting credits and access to its newly announced Web3 startup program.

Mitesh Agarwal, managing director at Google Cloud, highlighted the company’s focus on Web3, saying, “The industry is experiencing a flight to quality as corporations seek to minimize risk when exploring new possibilities in Web3.”

Polygon has recently gained several high-profile clients, including Starbucks and Mastercard, which is why Google Cloud’s partnership with Polygon Labs is more extensive than its previous affiliations with other blockchain protocols like Celo.

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