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Blockchain Integration Boosts Silencio’s Global Fight Against Noise Pollution

In a bid to combat the escalating issue of global noise pollution, Silencio Network has integrated with the peaq blockchain ecosystem, bringing over 35,000 smartphones into play as noise sensors.

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Spanning 176 countries, these devices form part of Silencio’s decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN), aiming to hit the 1 million device mark by 2024.

Silencio Network, utilizing AI and machine learning, converts acoustic data into actionable insights.

The integration of Silencio Network with the peaq ecosystem comes at a pivotal moment in the digital assets landscape. Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets conference, scheduled for Nov. 14, is set to spotlight innovations like these, emphasizing the real-world applications of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

This data aids various sectors, from helping prospective homeowners understand their potential neighborhood’s soundscape to assisting city planners in enhancing urban acoustics, a press release shared with Benzinga stated.

Silencio’s app, available on iOS and Android, encourages users to contribute to the fight against noise pollution by collecting and sharing live local noise data.

In return, participants earn NOISE tokens, promoting a citizen science approach to tackle this global concern.

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The integration with peaq’s layer-1 blockchain decentralizes the reward system, further incentivizing public participation.

Thomas Messerer, CEO of Silencio Network, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, “Silencio’s integration with peaq provides the tools essential for advancing citizen science in the Web3 domain.”

Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq, highlighted the economic implications of noise pollution and commended Silencio for its innovative approach using Web3 mechanisms.

Silencio Network seeks to build the world’s largest user-generated noise data database, leveraging decentralized networks and token incentives.

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